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Discussion Forum: Coming to America

Discussion Forum: Coming to America

"The immigration issue affects virtually every American, directly or indirectly, often in deeply personal ways. This guide is designed to help people deliberate together about how we should approach the issue. The three options presented here reflect different ways of understanding what is at stake and force us to think about what matters most to us when we face difficult problems that involve all of us and that do not have perfect solutions." 

Excerpt taken from the National Issues Forum Institue issues guide, Coming to America: Who Should We Welcome, What Should We Do?

Please join the Russell Forum for Civic Life, the civic engagement program of the Russell Library, for a deliberative community forum on immigration following a brief tour of the WE exhibit with the artist Micaela Hobbs. With the help of trained neutral moderators, participants will weigh and discuss three options to tackle this complex issue. All ideas are welcome.

Registration for the event is not required, but participants may request a copy of the forum discussion guide in advance by emailing russlib@uga.edu.

Thursday, November 29, 2018
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Room 277
Richard B. Russell Special Collections Library
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